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London is immersed in history. Not so much that it’s intimidating, but there’s sufficient antiquity and historic splendour (Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court) to blow you away. 

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IF YOU are looking to take your family or friends on a relaxing vacation to an affordable seaside destination without travelling too far, Krabi might just fit the bill.

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Taipei has gone from an ugly duckling of Asia to one of the region’s most dynamic, comfortable and liveable cities. Most important to the intrepid traveller, Taipei is also fun. If you take some...

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Same same, but different. It’s Thailish T-shirt philosophy that sums up Bangkok, a city where the tastes of many places are mixed into an often-spicy dish.

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Discover Melbourne, Australia’s hub of sport, style and culture. Soak up the city, from multicultural St Kilda Beach to the spectacular Great Ocean Road.

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Not many are aware that Canberra is the capital city of Australia. Canberra is a rare treat among Australian cities providing a kaleidoscope of colour, activity and experiences throughout the year.

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