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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3…Your Ideal Travel Gadget Companion

When you travel as much as I do, people often ask what do I look for in a smartphone when i’m on the road. The answer is simple…Reliability.

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Kyoto (Part 3)

On the third day in Kyoto, i went to explore the east side of Higashiyama district that came with many interesting attractions.

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Kyoto (Part 2)

It was the day for me to explore the city of Kyoto after having a good rest the night before. I had every itinerary planned and written on my note pad.

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Kyoto (Part 1)

I was away in Japan for almost one month for Christmas and New Year. Most of my friends thought the trip must have cost me a bomb.

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Why I Travel Alone

“John, did you book your ticket yet?” I asked. “No. I changed my mind. I’m not going to go.” “What?! You aren’t going to Johannesburg? We’ve been planning this vacation for months!” “Yeah, I...

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Exploring the world’s first 12 heritage sites – CNN.com

(Source: Katia Hetter, CNN) Checking off the world’s most important natural and cultural wonders can be a herculean task.

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Borobudur was the next destination after my conquest of Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo in this trip. My driver sent me to Surabaya city and there i took a train to Jogjakarta.

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Mount Bromo

I went on to climb Mount Bromo right after Mount Ijen on the same trip. It was my first time conquering two mountains on the same trip but nevertheless i pulled through and it...

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Mount Ijen Volcano

Ijen plateau is one of the most incredible and surreal places I’ve ever visited. It’s the site of a labor intensive sulfur mining operation where miners collect and carry huge loads of pure sulfur...


The Most Instagrammed Places in 2014 – CNN.com

(CNN) — With its over-saturated colors and vivid scenery, Disneyland doesn’t really need the help of an Instagram filter. Yet the House of Mouse’s California theme park has been named the world’s most Instagrammed...